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Set in an atmosphere of misogyny and racism in post-Civil War New Orleans, Only Charlotte is a tale of entanglements, both amorous and murderous. 
Women of Magdalene

After years of serving as a wartime surgeon, Robert Mallory is accustomed to soldiers missing limbs . . .

What Remains

 In November, 1865, still mourning her fiance's death, Isabelle Ross joins with journalist Paul Delahoussaye at Belle Ombre Plantation to untangle a murderous web of secrets and lies.

Juliette Ascending

Romance and suspense combine at an 1874 Mardi Gras ball when fifteen-year-old Juliette Carondel meets her forbidden love . . .

My Books

In 1880's New Orleans, beautiful Hesper Darnelle enters a dangerous liaison with her guardian, Professor Meredith, then a flirtation with a young man, Alan Corbay. To protect his interest in Hesper, Meredith invites her worldly cousin Vara to join the household as his ward's companion.


   Vara glides among the other characters like Iago in a bustle, leaving disaster in her wake. And Hesper must find a way to break with Meredith, Alan, and Vara to save herself.


The Little Death

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About the Author

Rosemary Poole-Carter explores an uneasy past in her novels Only Charlotte, Women of
Magdalene, What Remains, and Juliette Ascending, all set in the post-Civil War South, and
her plays, including The Familiar and The Little Death.


Fascinated by history, mystery, and the arts, she is a member of the Historical Novel Society, Mystery Writers of America, and the Dramatists Guild of America.


A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, she was a long-time resident of
Houston, where she practiced her devotion to reading and writing with students of a college system. She now lives and writes by the Eno River in Durham, North Carolina.

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